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Why «Louis4Artists»?

Art and culture are a quality of life and everyone enjoys them in their own way, whether it is listening to music, going to a concert, cinema, theatre or museum.

The idea of „Louis4Artists“ came to us about two years ago, when all artistic events were cancelled. We founded the „Louis4Artists“ association with the aim of supporting artists of all kinds, institutions such as theatres, concert halls, cinemas and concert halls.

Because our society lives from and with its artists.

Under the name „Louis XIV“ we offer a range of products, on the sale of which we give 20% of our profits to the association „Louis4Artists“.

How can I support "Louis4Artists" by making a donation?

You also think that artists, small theatres and people who make a cultural contribution should be supported.

Then there are various possibilities for you:


You send us an e-mail, give us your address and announce your donations.

Then transfer your donation to the following account:

Association account „Louis4Artists“
CH07 8080 8004 1090 0097 3
Raiffeisenbank Sensetal Genossenschaft
3175 Flamatt

After receiving your payment, the „Louis4Artists“ association will immediately send you your donation receipt, either by e-mail in PDF format or printed and sent by post. (Sending by e-mail saves postage costs).


You want to do something for our cultural creators right away…

As they always say so well ? – Please follow the instructions 👍 


You have something else in mind ? 

How can I apply for support as an artist?

Fill in our form, we will examine your request and discuss possible collaboration and win-win situations.

Where is "Louis4Artists" already active?

On the louisxivenergy.com website, we inform you about everything that is happening around „Louis4Artists“.